Lugar: Viena, Austria
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Intercontinental Gastro Intestinal Cancers Conference 3
31 March 2019
Hotel Intercontinental
Vienna, Austria

Chairman: Pr Alberto Sobrero (Italy)

• 09.00-09.10: Welcome & Introduction
Alberto Sobrero (Italy)

Plenary 1: Understanding Metastatic Colo-Rectal Cancer
Panelists: Clara Montagut, Benoist Chibaudel, Sabine Tejpar, Marc Peeters, Dirk Arnold
• 09.10-09.30: Tumor Environment and Resistance Mechanisms in mCRC?
Clara Montagut (Spain)
• 09.30-09.50: Changes in plasma biomarkers and their impact on the treatment path?
Sabine Tejpar (Belgium)
• 09.50-10.10: Treatment strategy to optimize survival in mCRC?
Benoist Chibaudel (France)
• 10.10-10.40: Panel Discussion
• 10.40-11.00: Coffee Break

Plenary 2: Ways to optimize Patient outcomes
Panelists: Suayib Yalcin, Marc Peeters, Dirk Arnold, Aimery de Gramont, Brazil/Russia
• 11.00-11.20: Quality-of-life in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC)
Suayib Yalcin (Turkey)
• 11.20-11.40: Observed benefit and safety of aflibercept in elderly patients
Marc Peeters (Belgium)
• 11.40-12.00: Keynote lecture: How does the future of mCRC management look like?
Dirk Arnold (Germany)

• 12.00-12.40: Panel Discussion
• 12.40-13.00: Take Home Messages and Closing
Alberto Sobrero (Italy)